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Once you are a Barista’s Choice Society member you will receive a card with a QR code on the back. Every time you visit Anchor Coffee and purchase a Barista’s Choice, your card is scanned and a point is added. Once you hit the thresholds below, you are eligible for the swag associated with them:

  • 10 : Swag
  • 15 : Sign the official Anchor Coffee cupping table
  • 30 : Swag

On the last day of each month we will be giving away a different swag item, plus choosing a society member who rose above all others to receive the ultimate swag! A menu item of their design.

The winner of the ranks get to design a drink to be featured on the menu for the next month!

Come by our shop to learn how to join!

Profile: The Admiral

Age: Early 60's Homeland: Netherlands Family: Married with two children. Tragically deceased. Characteristics: Proven leader. Defender of justice. Loyal and trustworthy. Well-spoken. The Admiral's Youth Born during the Dutch Golden Age, the [...]


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