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November 2017

Twin Peaks


The TV show, not the Hooters wannabe. It is legit one of my favorite tv shows of all time. I get that its not the most technically beautiful, and that the acting is overdone. David Lynch is a God of film. Him and Mark Frost directed and produced one of the most influential shows [...]

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Beer and Jesus?


This Halloween marked 500 years since Martin Luther nailed his 95 these on the Catholic Churches doors. But it also represents the craft beer revival as we know it today. Check out this awesome article by Martin Luther, and feel free to discuss.... Maybe even over a pint! http://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2017/10/31/561117731/the-other-reformation-how-martin-luther-changed-our-beer-too - Greg [...]

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October 2017

Looking For A House?


Have you tried to find a house or apartment to rent in Wilkes? It is hard as crap! A friend of mine literally moved to Winston Salem because he couldnt find an affordable place to live (sub $1000) that accepted pets. Where are all of the folks going to live that are coming from [...]

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Coffee is awesome Community is better Wilkes needs good coffee   Wilkes needs this coffee: anchorcoffeeco.com/ethiopia-yirgacheffe - Greg

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Hop Mouth


Sometimes IPA's are a bit ridiculous. Sometimes they are over the top! Once we get over 80IBU's i cant do it. Now, I dont hate IPA's... but alot of the times.... they are way too much. Too much bitterness. Too much hop... What do yall think of hops and IPA's? What is your favorite? [...]

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So. We have this awesome Youtube Channel with several beer reviews! Sometimes these reviews are humorous, but they are always informative. If you are a beer fan you should totally check them out! DO IT! anchorcoffeeco.com/youtube - Greg

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Pave it.


At some point soon.... the town is going to pave our parking lot... We dont know when, and how long it will take. So. Fair warning. Some day in the next few weeks... Our parking lot will be closed for an entire day. When that happens... park on the street... and drink coffee with [...]

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Perfect Daily Grind


I was recently published on Perfect Daily Grinds online information clearinghouse! It's always exciting to have something published... whether it be a full blown story, or a little excerpt of work. In this case, I talk about some of the challenges Anchor has faced starting a specialty coffee shop in an older fashion market. [...]

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Wu Tang forever


One of the most emblematic Hip Hop groups released an album today...."The Saga Continues", and it is super good! Some other random news for today. Mouth of the South will be setting up for lunch every Wednesday and every Friday for Dinner. For those of you who know me well, understand how excited I [...]

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